Monday, December 5, 2011

Cleaning up Windows Update files on Vista

Now you would think this would be an easy thing to do, right? It's actually not. I believe when Microsoft updates your disk and the update is unsuccessful, it leaves folders that looks like this: 3be6b9a267es5903...

Unfortunately, you can't easily delete these files because they are owned by the System. I thought I thought I could Google and find a solution, but nothing really fit my situation. After much trial and error, here is the methodology that worked for me:

Right click on the folder, select Properties
Select Security tab, then Advanced button
Select Owner tab, select Edit
Change Owner to your user ID.
Replace ownership of all subcontainers and object
Select OK until you are back at the folder
Right click on the folder, select Properties
Go to Security, Advanced, Permissions tab.
Edit your user ID permissions.
Click on "Replace all existing inheritable permissions.." checkbox at the bottom.
Edit your user ID permissions, again.
In Permission Entry, change the pull down next to the Apply To box and select "This folder, subfolders, and files."
Give yourself Full Control, why not.
Select OK, OK, OK, OK until you get back to the folder level
Then you should be able to delete the folder.

Easy, huh! Just be sure that you really know what you are deleting, and want to delete it!

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