Friday, May 14, 2010

To Flash or Not? Tips for Flash websites

I recently talked with a potential client about redoing or fixing up her website. Her website is entirely graphics and Flash, with the nav buttons as one pretty graphic with hotspots for links, and embedded flash for content. While this makes for a pretty site, it's not very SEO optimized. I suggested moving to a portal-style website with multiple links and text, with text for hyperlinks, and then use Flash just for the photo gallery. Flash is hard for the average user to maintain and not SEO friendly. In my experience, once you commit text to Flash it won't get changed again! However, for a photogallery Flash works well because it's less likely your photos will be stolen. Alternatively you can embed your photos in divs in your stylesheet to prevent them from being lifted. Of course, if you want animation you will need something like Flash.

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